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Your Best MD General Physician in Manikonda

Dr. Venkatesh Billakanti

Dr. Venkatesh Billakanti, a renowned General Physician and Internal Medicine specialist in Hyderabad is your go-to healthcare expert for the best MD General Physician in Manikonda. With over a decade of unwavering commitment to medical excellence, he has established himself as a trusted healthcare provider.

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Education and Expertise


– Hematology
– Infectious Diseases
– Critical Care Medicine
– Rheumatology

Dr. Venkatesh Billakanti’s passion lies in delivering exceptional healthcare in general medicine. His expertise covers a broad spectrum of medical fields, including respiratory diseases, fevers, hypertension, Diabetes obesity, rheumatology disorders ( joint pains), allergies, and much more. He also offers comprehensive vaccination and immunization services for adults and emphasizes on preventive healthcare.

Notably, Dr. Venkatesh Billakanti excels in treating various types of Acute and chronic illness and geriatric care (elderly care).

✱ Diabetes & Complications✱ All kinds of fever
✱ Hypertension & Complications✱ Anemia
✱ Thyroid Disease✱ Hypercholesterolemia
✱ Asthma & COPD✱ HIV
✱ Headache & Vertigo✱ Rheumatological Problem
✱ Acidity Problem✱ T.B

Experience Highlights

Dr. Venkatesh Billakanti has a rich professional history:

Asian Institute of Gastroenterology

MVJ Medical College and Research Hospital, Hoskote

NIMS, Hyderabad

Align Hospital - Diabetology center

Continental Hospitals, Gachibowli

Relief Clinic, Manikonda

Yashoda Hospital, Hitech City


Your Health, Our Priority

Whether you need a routine check up or specialized medical attention, Dr. Venkatesh Billakanti is here for you. Consult him online or in-person and rest assured that your well-being is his utmost priority.

Experience trusted healthcare with one of the area’s top General Physicians and the city’s best – Dr. Venkatesh Billakanti.

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